The Plane Crash

The Plane Crash is a Logotherapy technique that is part of the workbook from Men's Search For Meaning which was inspired by therapist and holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl.

In this technique, you will investigate if you are currently under-demanded and we will challenge you to name your goals, dreams, and expectations for who you will be and what you can achieve in order to amplify them so that you carry a load that is worthy not of who you are, but of who you can potentially become!

  • 5 Transformative Logotherapy Techniques
  • Inspiring Quotes
  • Limitless Re-useability

120 Minutes
Highest Self
Future Self

Tailor-made Curriculum

The TBU mindboard will give you instant access to transformational masterclasses, writing programs, tools & technologies from world leading experts so that you can work when you want on what you want.


Video courses from the most spectacular individuals on the planet such as self-improvement pioneers, elite psychologists, world-leading scientists, best-selling authors and other champions of humanity.

Writing Programs

Interactive books and psychotherapeutic interventions from world leading psychology experts specially invented for you so that you are always one click away from learning how to become the kind of person who can triumph over your current life challenges, no matter how insurmountable they seem to be. 

Psychology Tools

Transformational tools, skills, techniques, exercises and meditations that you can add to your personal problem solving toolkit. 

The Mindboard

The Mindboard is a technological cognition enhancement that empowers you to design your character, invent a vision, change your habits & beliefs, set goals, measure life success and many other things.

Pulse of Life

The Life Pulse is a life success tracking device that will help you to figure out whether or not you are on course towards becoming the person you want to be.

Wheel of Life

The wheel of life was invented so that you can observe your life from a multi-dimensional perspective at all times.

Vision Cards

The vision cards will help you to keep your eye on the prize so that you can remind yourself daily of where you want to go and where you don't want to end up.

Goal Setting System

The goal setting system helps you to translate your most audacious dreams into achieveable sub-goals.

Question of the Day

You are always just one question away from changing your life, therefore you will be gifted with a transformative question every single day you log into the campus.


You will get daily advice from great thinkers of the past so that you can use their wisdom in order to better yourself until you, yourself join the ranks of the extraordinary.

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Will I have access to other courses from The Behaviour University?

Yes, you will have access to everything.

Can anybody read what I write?

No, only you can see what you write.

How often do you add new teachers, technologies or tools to the school?

As often as we can, goal is it to provide you with the best tools from the best teachers in the world so that you can become the best version of yourself.

Where can I apply to become a teacher at The Behaviour University?

If you are a world leading expert and you want to team up with us, please write us an email.

What if I don't like the course?

You can drop out everytime, no questions asked.

Can I hire a coach from TBU who helps me to realize my vision?

Not yet, but hope to add that support soon to our school.