Dr. Guy Winch - The Dangers Of Hope |

Dr. Guy Winch one of the world’s leading psychologists and most successful Ted speakers of all time sits down with Daniel Karim in order to talk about his journey of becoming one of the most influential therapists in the world, what it is like to help millions of people and what we can do once our heart is broken.

What is this episode about?

  • How Dr. Guy Winch became the person he is today.
  • The biggest lesson he learned from his twin brother.
  • Life lessons Dr. Guy Winch learned from his private practice.
  • Why Dr. Guy Winch became a psychologist and therapist.
  • What it’s like to help millions of people.
  • The dangers of hope.
  • How to heal a broken heart.
  • How we can let go of beliefs that aren’t serving us.
  • Questions everybody should ask themselves.
  • His most memorable cases.