Dr. Dorothy Holinger - The Anatomy Of Grief

The 25th episode of the Psychology Podcast with Daniel Karim features Dr. Dorothy Holinger, Harvard psychologist, author, and grief expert.

Grief is an emotional avalanche that we all know all too well…

It’s the invisible hand around our throat that suffocates the joy out of our lungs when our favorite person leaves us prematurely.

It’s the widening of our eyes that occurs when we receive that one phone call that informs us that our life as we know isn’t there anymore.

It’s the numbness in our fingers after we lost something or someone that meant the world to us.

But why precisely do we feel loss physically?

I didn’t know the answer to that question before I reached out to Dr. Dorothy P. Holinger – one of the world-leading experts in grief.

Dr. Holinger knows a thing or two about the emotional and physical suffering that occurs when love is taken away from us…

Dr. Holinger was an academic psychologist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School for more than twenty years and in her private psychotherapy practice, she helped countless souls to cope with death and separation, and other life catastrophes.

Dr. Holinger is a personal hero of mine and she is one of the individuals who inspired me to create a grief department at the university that I’m currently building – this interview is a must listen and I highly recommend that you check out Dr. Holinger’s work afterward.