Dr. Carl. Gustav Jung - How To Integrate Your Shadow

In this video, you will find an interview with legendary psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung about his life's work.

Jung, arguably the deepest psychologist of all time, dreamed that his work was understood not only by his contemporaries but also by normal folk like you and me.

In this interview, Jung examines the world of the unconscious whose language he believed to be in the form of symbols and dreams.

Jung showed that dreams hold wisdom, warnings and practical insights about the psychic life of the client and he believed that the messenger of those signs and symbols was the unconscious and the collective unconscious.

One of the things that I learned from Jung was that introspection is a precondition to personal potential manifestation.Humans beings, as well as other species, are equipped with an incredibly deep pool of ancestral knowledge, intuitions, and instincts that, if we choose to listen to them, will guide us towards a road of individuation.Or in simpler words; the goal of life isn't so much to become more but to become who we already are.

This interview is, in my opinion, the ideal starting point for everybody who wants to study the work and life of C.G Jung.